We’ve created a science and research driven environment for long term transformative technology. We’re hiring creative, passionate people to join us.

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PhD in neuroscience, machine learning, physical sciences, statistics, robotics, computer science, or related field. Research interests in brain-machine interfaces, control systems, biophysics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Software Engineers

BA/BS or MS/PhD in computer science or related field, plus experience developing high-impact software that people use everyday. Variety of opportunities including application development and implementing machine learning systems.

Hardware Engineers

BE/BS or MS/ME in electrical engineering, computer engineering or related field, including experience with firmware, hardware design and object-oriented programming. Knowledge of board design, python and/or biological signal processing a plus.


Experience in human factors, human computer interaction and/or product design in a technologically deep research and development environment.


We welcome college and masters students across all aforementioned disciplines for our summer and winter intern programs.